Welcome to The Stretton Group,

We design, manufacture, and sell physical products, assuming all aspects of product and brand development. But we're not an agency. We take on the risk; we buy the product, store it, find the customers, and bring it to market.

Our Past Brands: A Track Record of Success

We specialized in creating our own brands—Magic Gel, Luigi’s, Medcosa—to fill gaps in the market. These efforts resulted in more than $100 million in sales across the EU, UK, Japan and the United States. With 104 different products and over 90,000 five-star reviews, we achieved a 50% year-on-year growth rate before selling our portfolio of brands to a private equity firm in 2021.

Marketplace First: Our Strategy

We’re experts at spotting and filling market needs on online platforms like eBay and Amazon.

Take our Migraine Cap as an example: it not only captured the market but also created it, achieving sales over 100,000 units in a market now valued at over $100 million. That kind of success was made possible with our marketplace-first approach..

Partnering with Household Names: Quality Comes First

Looking forward we plan to replicate our strategy on a licencing basis with established brands. We’ve touched on our processes and the scale of the opportunity in previous articles; this remains an untapped market for existing brands.

When we team up with well-known brands, our focus is strictly on quality. We apply the same high standards and excellent service that made us successful.

Looking Ahead: What's Next for Stretton Europe

We have a clear aim for 2024: to grow through strategic licensing deals and by launching and managing our own new brands.

While we continue to build our own and collaborative brands, we believe that the path to sustainable growth lies in licensing partnerships with established companies exploiting a growing opportunity on online marketplaces.

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