Stretton International: Who We Are and What We Do

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We specialize in crafting, designing, and delivering products that fill existing gaps in the online marketplace. With over 100 products in our portfolio and lifetime sales exceeding $100 million, we have a track record of success built from our core values of Quality, Trust, and Loyalty.

Our central office is located in Cheshire, North West England. We have a global, remote team that stretches from China to the United States and beyond, fully supported by our distributed work model.

If you’re contemplating a partnership with Stretton International, here’s an in-depth look into how we operate and what principles guide us.


October 2023

Sales First: Spotting The Market Gaps

Our approach is straightforward: we identify unmet market needs and build products to address them. Specifically, we target product niches where existing brands do not create a captivating offer, or where existing products could benefit from enhancements.

Specifically, we target product niches where demand surpasses supply or where existing products could benefit from enhancements.

Our expansion into licensed brands from 2023 is a strategic move as we believe that established brands have room for improvement on the platform.

For example, consider the screenshot below of brands like AERLANG, TOLOCO, RAEMAO, and APHERMA. They may not be household names, but they rack up more than $150 million in yearly sales.
Our working theory is that a well-known, licensed brand could capture a significant portion of this market. We use both our in-house tools and publicly available data from Amazon for accurate sales forecasts, making Amazon our primary sales channel.

Design: Balancing Aesthetics and Functionality

Our design process is powered by thorough market research, ensuring that our products are not only eye-catching but also meet genuine market needs. We scrutinize customer feedback on existing products to identify areas for improvement.

For example, our teams work on creating the perfect ‘hero image’ that not only appeals visually but also persuades the customer to click over competitors.

Aligning design visions with manufacturing capabilities is key. Our multidisciplinary teams, consisting of sales experts, industrial designers, and factory liaisons, collaboratively guide a product from concept to reality.

Every product, whether complex or simple, needs to meet our stringent quality criteria.

More Than Compliance: Upholding Standards

Before a product goes into manufacturing, we undertake meticulous due diligence checks that cover:

  • Product and Licensee Compliance.
  • Verification of Selling Rights.
  • Patent and Trademark Documentation.
  • Adherence to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Standards.
We are committed to upholding both our standards and those of our partners, safeguarding our mutual reputations.

The World’s Best Toilet Plunger

Manufacturing: Excellence In Production

We collaborate with select global factories to ensure the consistent quality of our products. We have manufacturing partners across the world; China, Turkey, Poland and the United States.

Our sourcing team, based in Malaysia, is essential for venturing into new markets and for assessing our supplier partnerships against strict criteria like CSR compliance, expertise, and frequent factory evaluations.

Sales Strategy: Amazon First

We align our sales strategies with market demand patterns. Emphasizing Amazon as a primary platform, we ensure efficient product visibility and reach.

The sales strategy is where we thrive; we have a team that instinctively knows if a product or brand is a good fit for the marketplace in a specific niche; this is our primary skill that we are more than happy to share with potential partners.

Why Partner with Stretton International?

  • An Experienced, Market-Savvy Team
  • Data-Driven Strategic Planning
  • Financial Robustness
  • Core Values: Quality, Trust, Loyalty

For more details or to discuss potential partnerships, we invite you to connect with us.