That time that we were ‘featured’ in the BBC’s Bake Off

3 mins read

As a business owner, it's not that often that work and family life come together, and incredibly rare that our children take any interest in something we worked on. But that's exactly what happened when watching the BBC's "Bake Off" back in 2021. If you haven't heard of it, "Bake Off" is a British baking show where 12 contestants face off in a series of baking challenges.

The show is a hit for families—it’s 50 minutes of pure, wholesome entertainment that everyone loves.

For us of course, Magic Gel was the star of the show, despite the BBC deciding it was only worth 10 seconds of screen time…  But, a brief appearance on a show as big as “Bake Off” gave us something to talk about and gave us all a little chuckle.

So… with fingers hovering over the pause button join us back at the ‘German’ Episode of Season 12.  From 41:07 onward you can relive our glory of being featured on the UK’s favourite cooking show!

Sure, the kids may have shouted, “Who cares?, Get on with it!” But maybe they’ll understand the thrill one day.   It’s a special moment when the product you’ve poured your heart into makes its way into popular culture, even if it’s just for a few brief seconds.